The story behind Klothes by Katt.


“Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work for the rest of your life.”


Klothes by Katt is something that I have been dreaming for a long time. I have always imagined going to fashion school and doing my own clothing line, but I never got around doing it. God knows how long I have been reading up on fashion school and couldn’t decide if I should go Lasalle or NAFA (yes, even at this age I want to go back to school). Reading up reviews of the part-time students and setting aside money for it. Then I fell in love. Then I got married. Then I got pregnant. Then I got a babygirl, Kattaleya. I have been blessed in so many ways, but at the back of my mind, I still wanted to do it.

Backtrack a few years back, I tried doing this selling clothes online and I failed. I failed miserably because they were wholesale clothes and I was just a “reseller”. I think I only sold one dress? ONE dress. Let me cringe at the thought of my failure and cry at the money I never got back! I was very naive. Thinking it was just buying wholesale and reselling, and tadahhh money! Needless to say, the idea of starting my own blogshop was tucked at a corner of my mind until recently.

I did more homework of what I wanted. I am entering into a business that has A LOT of competitors who already have their brands soaring high and who already have their strong base of customers. So why bother right? Let me tell you what makes me want to do it. It is because I am coming in, not as a competitor but as a person who loves clothes and wants to start her own clothing line. I am in competition with no one but myself. What I have in mind is very different from what others do. I challenge my manufacturers out of their comfort zone like I do mine.

Klothes by Katt is amazingly special. I manufacture my very own pieces. It means I come up with the designs that I want, choose my fabrics, get manufacturers to do samples and send it over, I wear my samples out, I make changes and I get them manufactured. So if you ever own a piece of Klothes by Katt, know that this is what your piece of clothing goes through before it comes to you. I have sacrificed a lot of my time that is meant for sleep to communicate with my manufacturers who are super understanding that I do my best work after Kattaleya sleeps. The pieces produced have limited number of pieces and there is absolutely no such thing as backorders. So really, you will be that bunch few who will have those pieces. And shopping online has made me realised that we just want sizes because my short friends have to alter and my tall friends have to buy bigger sizes to get the length they need. Then my friends with curves don’t have any they can buy.

The first collection is on it’s way to be ready. It has 8 kinds of skirts; flare and mermaid. Cotton and satin shawls just because my hijbster sister says so. I am super stoked. I know that I could not have done without Baobei who has helped me with Kattaleya when I needed some time to be on my phone/ipad to reply what’sapp and emails and also being my backbones. My parents because amazingly enough, they are giving me opinions about pricing and which manufacturer to do what. Abang who has his line is sharing with me EVERYTHING. Kakak who has been my person when it comes to opinions about ANYTHING. My cousins and girlfriends who I have been asking opinions about fabrics because trust me, I have send over 20 fabrics and asking them which will they choose.

Starting Klothes by Katt was easier than the first failed attempt when I was in poly. I now know what I want, which direction I want my clothing line to go and I have the support of my family and friends who are basically my backbone. It is said that when you want to start something, the support of the people around me is very important. I have not launched my line yet, actually the clothes also haven’t arrive yet, but everyone is already ordering and reserving pieces. And they are not even sympathy kind of support but the kind of support that they believe in my work. I am really blessed!

Klothes by Katt is the start of my empire. It will be the place where I build something amazing out of absolutely nothing. It will be the place where I will wake up every day and excited of what’s to come. It will all be for Kattaleya. Because working from home mom, will allow me watch her grow and be part of every milestone.

Oh, did I mention that Klothes by Katt will have monthly launches and pop-up store at my house where you can swing by, hang out with me and my babygirl, Kattaleya, and try out the clothes before deciding to buy?

May HE ease my affairs, and thank you for the amazing support on both Facebook ( and Instagram (@klothesbykatt), even though nothing has launched yet. I hope you all enjoy the journey prior to the launch as much as I do. This is my passion, and I am so proud to have a clothing label I can call mine. No one else’s work that I am reselling under my label. Every single piece is self-manufactured. Every piece is Klothes by Katt’s. The hard work is all mine.

I need to thank myself for taking the leap of faith. Yes, because I believe a 26 year old me knows what I am doing pumping all my savings into this. Remember this,

Percaya pada satu hari nanti -RR


This is it uolls. This is my satu hari.

There is no more turning back, no backsies, no more “what ifs”. I will see you on 3rd of May for the launch, In Shaa Allah.

I shall end the entry with this:


My very own Haenim UV Steriliser and Dryer.


When I was in my second trimester, I had a long list of things I needed to get before Katt pops out. I googled, read on FB forums and even asked my girlfriends who have kids of their own because frankly if i didn’t, I think I would end up buying almost if not everything. One of the things on my list was bottle steriliser.

So why a need for bottle steriliser?

Simple. Bottles after use, need to be washed and sterilised because there’s where babies consume their “food” from. And we have no ideas the germs that are lurking around because washing doesn’t mean it is 100% clean. And what we cannot see with our naked eyes does not mean it is not there.

I was seating on the fence about getting one. I asked Kak Era if there was a need as she is currently using Avent 2-in-1 electric steam steriliser. She said that it is not necessarily a must-have but sterilising is super important to her. Although a traditional way is soaking bottles in hot/boiling water, this is much easier since she just have to wash and dump it in. BUT the downside is having to dry it on a rack which germs may “fly” in.

Then I what’sapp Li.IMG_9532 *Then cuci da okay? – Then just wash is okay?

So I shared with Mama both Kak Era’s and Li’s opinions, in which Mama agreed with Li. I told her it is more troublesome but she said we could save the extra money and not spend it unnecessarily. So the next day, I what’sapp Li.

IMG_9533 (1)

*Tak payah beli- No need to buy

That conversation was dated in July and I was unaware of the latest kind of steriliser until thelittleonesinmylife gave a Haenim UV Steriliser and Dryer. Yes, it is an UV and DRYER! The UV part sounds unsafe and the fact that it comes with a dryer sounds too good to be true! So after sitting on the fence about getting a steriliser and made up my mind to do the traditional way of boiling the bottles instead, I can safely say I am on the other side of the fence where I can’t live without my Haenim UV Steriliser and Dryer.

Just a brief summary of the main plus points of Haenim UV Steriliser and Dryer:

  • Dual Osram UV lamps, which does not require you to change for up to a year! And even so, the replacement is easy to get and definitely easy on the pocket!


  • Large capacity which allows me to sterilise more things at one go! That means I can stuff as many things as it can fit. For me, I have been stuffing it with milk bottles, breast pump parts, milk storage bottles, pacifier and also small toys!!!



  • Specially treated glass to prevent UV rays from leaking out which means everyone at home who is near it while it is switched on do not have to worry that it will be unsafe!



  • Special designed grooves on the door to prevent UV rays from leaking out. Another function I love and makes me confident of using it!
  • Special magnetic detection: The machine will immediately switch off if it is opened while operating. I didn’t think much of this function but I realised I do that a lot! Opening it halfway when I realised I left some things out.
  • Can be used as a storage like a sterile cabinet which will auto sterilise every 2 hours. So you won’t worry if the items are still sterile if you kept them inside the whole day.
  • Comes with display timer to show how many minutes left for the cycle chosen.


So how does the Haenim UV Steriliser and Dryer work?


Open the door and stuff all the things you want to dry and sterilise. There are two levels but the divider can be taken out when you need to sterilise bigger items like toys!


You will see this when you open the door on the screen where the timer is shown.

Click on what you cycle you would like to pick. There’s 3 to choose from.

‘Auto’ cycle where it will dry first and sterilise after, which comes in 30 minutes (best when you don’t have many items) and 50 minutes (best when both levels are almost or completely filled). If it is just my breast pump parts, I use 30 minutes. But when I have Katt’s milk bottles, pacifiers and my Madela milk storage bottles, along with my breast pump parts, I will use 50 minutes.


When both the ‘Auto’ and ‘Dry’ buttons are lit up, it means that you have picked the ‘Auto’ cycle and it is currently at the drying stage.

‘Dry’ cycle where you just need it to be dry without having to sterilise, which comes in 40 minutes, 20 minutes and 10 minutes.


When you just pick the ‘Dry’ cycle, then only the ‘Dry’ button will be lit up.

‘UV’ cycle where you are in a rush to feed the baby and the bottle is not washed. So you wash and dry it yourself then put it inside to sterilise.


Similarly, when you pick the ‘UV’ cycle, then only the ‘UV’ button will be lit up.

Haenim UV Steriliser and Dryer has been so easy to use that everyone at home has no excuse (haha) to help me dry and sterilise Katt’s or my things. Oh, what I also love about this steriliser is that when I take out the items immediately after using the ‘Auto’ or ‘Dry’ cycle is that the items are lukewarm. So nice to put my cold freshly squeezed milk from the fridge. Haha!

Interested now? Hehe! You can make an order at thelittleonesinmylife HERE.

Currently they are having a pre-order promo where the usual price retails at $359 is now going for $259! That is $100 off!!!  Warranty lasts for a year. It comes in pink (my absolute favourite just because), silver, blue, yellow, green and from 8th December onwards, BLACK!

Also just because you read me, there’s a Christmas sale going on and discount that you will appreciate. Go to thelittleonesinmylife website HERE. Put items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart. Enter XMAS20 to get 20% OFF STOREWIDE! This even includes on items that are already discounted. (Except Radicam)

It gets better!

FREE DELIVERY within Singapore with any purchase via Singpost Normal Mail or if you spend above SGD100, you are entitled to FREE COURIER!

Don’t forget to visit thelittleonesinmylife page HERE and don’t forget to key in XMAS20 when checking out!

Thank you again thelittleonesinmylife!

The Haenim UV Steriliser and Dryer is a time and life saver!

The Kakak-Kakak Kahwin/Tunang Clan Part 3.

Makcik-KPO are very toxic and people you cannot avoid. They can be people in your family or people who are somehow related to your family (you know Malays lah). A brief description of Makcik-KPO is that they are typically in their 40s, but nowadays they can be in their 20s too. Okay okay, before I continue let me tell you the TWO prominent symptoms of a Makcik-KPO;
  • Their first and only question to a someone’s conversation about a person getting married is, “Hantaran dia berapa?” which in translation is “How much is the dowry?
  • They LOVE to compare hantaran among couples.


I love this question when it is asked to my face because my very pedas answer will always be “Why? Are you helping the man pay for it?” Their reaction: Priceless. Ask somemore lah, I like.
Let’s bring in religion prospect about hantaran: It is NOT compulsory. I like to emphasize what is necessary and what is not, because people make a big fuss out of something that is not even needed in the first place. What is important is the mas kahwin. Now why don’t people ask that?
Okay next, what is the hantaran for? I have heard many versions but let me tell you the most practical and practiced by my family; It is to help with the girl’s side of the wedding. Usually the girl’s side of the wedding is more grand thus, more people. The money that is given by the boy’s side is to help to ease the payments of the wedding. OR in the olden days, girls usually don’t work or earn as much, thus lessen the burden. But the girl would have saved money for her side of the wedding (if not why get married right?) so it will be used for honeymoon or put in savings together as a married couple. But now, smart couples do combined wedding to save costs. (Kuddos to smart couples) So when you combined a wedding, then the hantaran is not necessary anymore isn’t it?
These days, hantaran has a ‘market price’. I hate it when people use the term ‘market price’ so loosely. For one, your daughter is not an animal/thing you are selling at the market. So please, remove that degrading term away from something beautiful. Two, whose market are we following? Is this Singapore’s market price? Are you honestly telling me if Baobei does not pay the supposedly market price, he is less of a husband?
Yes, I have also taken into consideration that hantaran is also to show that the man is able to provide for his future wife and family. So are you telling me that if the man is able to produce $10,000 on the wedding day, he is able to do so for the rest of his life as and when his wife asks for it? Why can’t we judge if the man is able to take of his future wife and family by the job that he has and his future plans?
For me, it is very easy. You have a stable job, you have a 5 year plan, and a plan to get that 5 year plan working and one day, when we have children and I don’t want to work for awhile, he is able to provide for us comfortably. I pick that overmiserable $10,000 for that one day.
Families take advantage of the fact that their daughter is a undergraduate/diploma holder, thus the hantaran is more expensive. What kind of rubbish is that? Yes, you brought up your daughter with a good education and now she holds a good job, but the one who has to pay for that gratitude is your daughter, not your future son in-law. That’s why we children give our parents money monthly when we start to work (or your children don’t do that? Or you don’t give your parents monthly money?).
I don’t have to look far for a good example because my parents are not your typical Malay parents. They have never set a price on their daughters. When my late BIL came over with his parents to ask my sister’s hand in marriage, my parents asked “How much can you afford?”

I am not saying that all parents should be like mine. Actually, scratch that. ALL parents should be like mine. When you set a ‘price’ so high, not only are you putting additional pressure to the relationship (as if there is not enough with as the wedding day progresses), you are also making this man work his remaining single life like a slave just so he can marry your daughter. Then when he goes astray or cancels the wedding last minute, you blame him. Has it occurred to you that the unnecessary pressure from YOU may be the underlying reason?
I have heard stories like blank cheques are presented on nikah because they were unable to come up with the money or couples starting their married life with a huge debt because they borrow money from relatives/banks/loan sharks just so they can meet this unrealistic expectation. You are so worried people will talk about the small amount of duit hantaran, you don’t think of the repercussion of the big amount? Aren’t you giving more things for people to talk about? That’s just backfiring.
I have hopes that our Malay society will stop putting a price to everything. Money is not everything in a marriage. I may not be married yet, but I know what I want in a man. It is not how much he can provide in that one day but for the rest of the days of our life together. If you as a BTB (bride to be) feel the need to show off that your hantaran is $10, 000 or $15, 000 grow the hell up. Or better yet, don’t get married because you certainly have not matured at all.
If you remove the superficial skin of weddings, I am pretty sure you will look forward to a beautiful wedding, and a more beautiful marriage. Let the Makcik-KPO talk, because we cannot shut their mouths. If they cannot be happy, so be it. Who needs such negativity in our life? Certainly not me.
So you are most welcome not to attend my wedding.

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The Kakak-Kakak Tunang/Kahwin Clan Part 2.

Disclaimer: Actually there is none because this is going to offend 97% people I know who are currently or already in the ‘Kakak-kakak Tunang/Kahwin Clan’. Sorry, I am not sorry at all. This does not apply to families with only one child or to the oldest child in the family because I understand the excitement that comes with it.

After The Kakak-Kakak Tunang/Wedding Clan Part 1 post, I am surprised some of us Modern Malay Girls (MMGs) still have a lot of common sense in us (yay us!). I, of course, am going to continue this pedih post for those who are still hung up on your very own The Modern Malay Engagement. Please, by all means, because my classy, chic engagement (did I just reveal something here? Stay tuned to the end of the post) is going to be just The Engagement.
I have made many online friends on Instagram (@mypussykatt) and was crazy enough to plan meet-ups with some of them. I am very lucky to have met such awesome bunch of girls. They have sort of become my SOS girly friends when I need a girl’s opinions (yes, I am one of those girls whose best friend is a guy). The rest are just known as Instagram-people. Recently, I have seen some got hitched, some got engaged, some got in a relationship, some doubting their boyfriends, some are in the midst of their wedding/engagement preparations, some just broke up and some got dumped. You name it; it is all over the internet. I guess some girls didn’t get the memo about airing their dirty laundry (I am not talking about the good stuffs because that’s a yay!).
I would like to include one part of The Modern Malay Engagement that slipped my mind; exchanging of dulangs. (I am dying to say pls)
What The Engagement should be like:
  • A ring for either just the girl* or both
  • A cake for 8 persons with wordings “Happy Engagement xxx & xxx
  • A fruit/chocolate basket
*We have to consider the fact that guys are not like us girls. We can own 20 rings and put on all of them at one go while they just want one. So ask yourself if an engagement or wedding ring is more important for him to wear every day. And if I hear any MMGs saying things like, “How would people know that he is engaged or not if he doesn’t wear a ring?” WOW. I would just have to say that you’re that insecure and that you have no trust in your fiancé which is very sad.
What The Malay Modern Engagement is like:
  • A pair of rings
  • A cake for 20 persons with same wordings
  • A fruit/chocolate basket or both
  • A *insert brand* watch
  • A *insert brand* bag
  • A *insert brand* wallet
  • A *insert brand* something invalid
  • A *insert brand* something inavlid


No one in the right mind would reject a list of gifts. No one. I would ask for 9 pairs of shoes if I wanted to and have no love for my relationship. Not because he can’t afford them but why am I burdening my other half to get things for me? He is not even my husband yet and already I am driving him away with my wants and not needs. Are you that incapable of getting your own things or the kind that needs a man to get you all of those? Please keep in mind that engagement is not even mandatory in the first place, and ask yourself what is the reason (not excuse) the both of you do it in the first place.
Remember we talked about keeping it simple and classy.
Lastly, MMGs these days including their parents (not sure if this hereditary) are so worried what people think. Why do you feel the need to show people what you have or going to have? If I ask for only the minimal and very important things, will people say that Baobei and I are poor? *boo hoo* You want to know why you are so worried about people talking about you?

It is because you did a damn good job at talking about other people’s happy events.

That is why you’re so damn worried what people might say about your own. I, for one, never come for an event to see what was on the dulang or if the ring has a huge ass diamond sitting on it. I don’t care. I am happy for my person, take pictures, compliment her/him and makan. I love makan you know? If you feel the need to do outdo others because this status is more important than anything else in the world, well wake up sweetheart.


I can never understand MMGs who cannot be happy for people. If you can’t be happy for what I have, you are certainly not welcome to celebrate my happy day(s) with me. With the hint being said, do you know what happens during a merisik? Keep close because I will tell you what I thought would happen and what actually happened during mine.

Yes, mine.
*screams YAY

The Kakak-Kakak Tunang/Kahwin Clan Part 1.

Disclaimer: Actually there is none because this is going to offend 97% people I know who are currently or already in the ‘Kakak-kakak Tunang/Kahwin Clan’. Sorry, I am not sorry at all. This does not apply to families with only one child or to the oldest child in the family because I understand the excitement that comes with it.
Today’s Malay Society makes it hard for young couples to get engaged and married because it is ridiculously expensive. Like as if it isn’t expensive enough to survive in Singapore itself, declaring my love also costs? Well, you’re not going to fool me wedding-people! (Not now though, so don’t get overly excited!)
The ModernMalay Engagement.
I have always thought that engagement is a waste of money. For one, it is NOTmandatory in our religion as Muslims. One of my early 20s life crisis was finding someone with husband/father material who sees life the way I do. (And I did, haha.) One of it is to see that engagement is just little bonuses to the wedding companies who are sucking young couples’ money dry. Let alone The Modern Malay Engagement’.
First, ask this,What is the purpose of an engagement?
  •           To ‘chope’ your person
  •           To bring your commitment level a notch higher
  •           A reason to start planning your wedding
  •           An excuse to have a ring
  •           To show off
  •           Pleasant in the eyes of families
For me (if I ever have to do one), the sole reason has to be because of family. I understand that my parents and potential in-laws are conservative (to a small extent). It is always nice to go to family events and introduce your kid’s partner as fiancé/fiancée rather than friend/girlfriend/boyfriend.
///Side track: My family has always referred Baobei as “Atie nyer kawan/boyfriend,” while Baobei’s family has always referred me as “Nizam nyer kawan.” I think there was once at a wedding his dad said, “Bakal.” (Insert a big smug face)
I thought an excuse to have a ring has always been a nice touch but I am not big on diamonds and don’t really care much for how many carats it is. It can be a carrot, and I don’t give a flying saucer pan.
///Side track again: Currently on my ring finger is the diamond ring my late brother in law gave my sister on their wedding day. As my sister recently remarried her LOHL (love of her life), the old wedding ring no longer sits on her ring finger. I loved and miss my late brother in law all the time, so I like the reminder of a good man he was with me wherever I go. (A little secret: It makes me feel safe like I have an angel of my own.)
If your insecurity makes you feel the need to reserve someone, please have a look at your relationship again. If you need an engagement to bring your commitment level one level higher, please have a look at your relationship again. Your loyalty and level of commitment should remain the same, high and up there, the moment you both decided to date each other exclusively. If you need a reason to start planning your big day, WHY HAVEN’T YOU ALREADY? (I planned my ideal one since I decided I want to settle down. That was like 2012 though I very naughty haha.) If you feel the need to flaunt the engagement status, you seriously need to grow the hell up. (I couldn’t bring myself to write the F word.)
Now to The Modern Malay Engagement.
What I find it bloody ridiculous is the extent of a small significant event turned to like a mini-wedding. I cannot emphasize how ridiculous Malays can be. It is VERYembarrassing because my friends/colleagues who aren’t Malay always ask me if our engagement is like ROM (Registry of Marriage) which is FAR from it. I find it my responsibility to clear the air and mess created by Malays who go to such extends for just an engagement. Yes, just.
Let’s list out possible symptoms of The Modern Malay Engagement
  • You have a guest list completed with invitation cards. I don’t really have an issue but this is just like a wedding. Of course, you can argue back and say that you want to celebrate a milestone in your life/relationship with your loved ones. But there’s a limit to everything. Invitation cards are not necessary. Personally a nice touch will be inviting by mouth and just what’sapp the details. You also don’t have to invite friends. Just the closest of the closest ones. After all, it is just an engagement.
  • The event is held at a grand venue like community centre, country club etc. Under the block can still be acceptable because not everyone has huge house that can accommodate your long list of guests. It also gives your house breathing space. But please.
  •  Hiring freelance make-up artist to do your hair and make-up is still okay. But you go to extend hiring MUA (make up artists) bridal companies? Hiring photographer/videographer? Renting out clothes from bridal companies? Having a change of clothes? 2 to 3 sets? Doing inai? (Haha this is bloody ridiculous!) Not only do you spend so much on a small significant event, you are also taking out the fun on your actual wedding day.
  • You have a (freaking!!!) pelamin. Now, please explain the significant of this.
  • You do a photo shoot. Again, just taking out the fun of your wedding day.


If I ever have The Engagement (not I remove the words ‘Modern’ and ‘Malay’), I am not going to torture myself and sit at the chair for a couple of hours, waiting for people to take pictures with me. The only time I am going to sit my ass down and take pictures is when the sarung cincin (putting on the ring by the mother/sister of the boy’s side) and a couple of shots of my family and closest of the closest friends that I invite which I can count with my fingers. This is not my wedding day, so please don’t make me go through it twice okay? I even ask Kakak if on my sanding day the hours be shorten. What if I become bored or sleepy? Or my facial muscles stop working? Don’t take away the fun of your actual day! Why would you want to do that?!
Make it small and significant.
“Jangan hebohkan apa yang belum ditentukan.*” Fiza-O
Yes, everyone in the right mind wants one engagement and one wedding in their life. But I have seen how many engagements fall apart. I don’t have to look far because Kakak went through three engagements (one with her late husband, one with a douche and one with her now husband) and Abang went through one engagement. It doesn’t mean that an engagement is a sure thing. We can only pray that we are doing the right things all the time. What I am really saying is the money spend on The Modern Malay Engagement can be used to fund your wedding, honeymoon, house etc.
Don’t make it overrated. Some things are just classy when it is small and intimate.