When you got to love being 27.

While people do resolutions at the beginning of the year, I do mine at when I turn a year older. I got to say, I love turning 27 (apart from the fact that it is an odd number) but I just love what amazing things are for awaiting me. While some don’t fancy the idea of putting yourself out there because it gives people an opportunity to scrutinize every single detail of your life but people will do it either way so who cares. To me, I will never gain anything for being selfish with what I have or know but the key is to limit on how much is too much. And let me tell you something; When you have made peace with your past and love yourself, nothing anyone can say about your past or you, will have power over you. Of course, I love touching on taboo topics because honestly, it is so damn hard to find people sharing their experiences.

So what happened for the last one year? Many. For one, I was still struggling to learn how to mom. It wasn’t easy. I started/founded a facebook group for young mothers and befriended mothers whom never a million years imagine I would be friends with (because of the background they come from). Which made me learn that being a mother does not mean a person will change to be a better person. In fact, I was appalled. I also learnt that not everyone is for me. I had people stepped on my toes but little did they know, having studied Social Studies means you keep conversations as pieces of evidence. And should I have replied to their online claims, they will feel downright stupid and ashamed. But all these are no longer important to me, because these people are sad people whose life is filled with betrayal of family or husbands who don’t give a shit about them. Basically an empty nest or a nest that makes them feel so empty on the inside. So I say, let them have the pity party because they clearly need it. In the last one year, I had filed police report and a lawyer’s letter send out. But I am thankful that at the end of the day, my pillars of strength have stood by me and I still have them, even stronger than before. This has taught me how important it is to choose who to invest my time in because not everyone is deserving of Renny.

Klothes by Katt was hit by multiple bumps because for one, I procrastinated a lot. I actually don’t but I had a lot of doubts about me. It sometimes pissed the shit of me on how much I don’t invest in myself and believe in my collections. I was overworked with so many unnecessary things that I hardly had time with KbyK. My backup manufacturer screwed up my collection which almost set me back over 2k and I had to let her go. My main manufacturer left me high and dry because her company got a huge project which means I am back to square one finding for manufacturers, doing up samples and that also means money. But I love what I do. I love giving back to the community which means fair trade. I have not had any bad reviews except that my pieces are pricey but only people who have purchased or comes down for our popup stall only knows how much we invest in quality. And of course, having limited pieces also means it comes with a price. But my amazing family friends have been helping me a lot by offering their time and talent so I am setting amazing goals for KbyK’s future.

So without further ado, let me share with you 27 things I will like to achieve/do/stop doing,

  1. Open up more to Baobei- Before you get the wrong idea, Baobei knows everything. No secrets between us. Just that sometimes I find that it is not important to tell him first so he will find out 2nd/3rd. So I will like to make him my number one for everything, even if it is some girl stuff. He is my go-to.
  2. Be less short tempered- That means deep breaths before answering when I am feeling annoyed instead of snapping.
  3. Get pregnant with twins- Okay, I just want to close my factory so twins will be a nice closure/closing ceremony. But that being said, I will be thankful to be even get pregnant with a healthy baby again like Kattaleya. So the point is get Katt a sibling.
  4. Release at least 5 kollections for KbyK- More is great but 5 is good to stabilize.
  5. Get KbyK up and running online- This interlinks with Kampong Kouture.
  6. Read 5 novels- I miss this me-time so it is about time I need to do something and spend some time “offline”.
  7. Subscribe to Reader’s digest and read- Because there is always a need to improve language.
  8. Travel to one place I have not been to before- Will be achieving this May.
  9. Put my phone away in presence of humans especially Kattaleya- Sadly, I am spending so much time stretching myself online, I forget what’s in front of me. So less on that.
  10. 25k in the bank- No point making money every month if I don’t see it in my bank. I kind of need this satisfaction. 3k/ month is doable.
  11. Do something I love that pays- Passion is good but it doesn’t pay bills. I need to stop being stagnant and do what I do best.
  12. Invest more time in people who matter- Set dates or even time to talk to them because like how they have been there for me, I need to be there for them too. This means family too.
  13. Take up a new skill every 2 months- Baking, make-up, sewing, fashion designing, cooking.
  14. Spend less on shit I don’t need- Haha, I need to remind myself of number 10. So in order to achieve that, it means I need to spend on things that I actually don’t need.
  15. Go on date nights with Baobei once a week- I love cuddling in our bed watching reruns of FRIENDS but I need my nights out with my husband because he is my motor that keeps me running.
  16. Stop touching my face and leave it to the experts- I always say “Oh that’s a blackhead I can squeeze… and shit.” It leaves a mark. So my face is full of scars no thanks to me trying to save my face.
  17. Drink 3 litres of water every day- Well, detox.
  18. Schedule my appointment with my dermatologist and follow through her instructions- Yeah, I will see you next month Dr Audrey and I never schedule. Pffft.
  19. Eat my vitamins religiously- As a new mom who still breastfeeds, I feel that my body takes a beating every other day. So I need to pop my vitamins.
  20. Use the face crap I bought and use it religiously- It is obviously not crap but I am just pissed at myself for spending money on it but not using it day and night.
  21. Start my keep fit routine- Proper breakfast, carbo lunch and no carbs dinner. And if I am staying 5 minutes away from Bishan Park, I should make an effort to go there twice a week. Drag Baobei.
  22. Blog regularly- Once a week is great. More is better. Backlog entries to be done soon.
  23. Stop using my credit card- If I want to use it, I better have the money in the bank and not “advance” my money. (I have a funny story about it later)
  24. Explore as many free stuff as I can for Kattaleya’s learning journey- I realised school is not cheap and honestly, I still cannot decide the school setting for her. So I am going to explore play for her all over Singapore (which you can read about it #RKMlearningjourney). Hopefully by 3 years old, I would have found a perfect school for her.
  25. Get Katt started on BLW (baby led weaning)- More reading up and more food experiments over the weekend.
  26. Kick anything/anyone who associates wth drama out- The less I know ,the better. So please don’t update me on imbeciles.
  27. At least convince myself I will sky dive- The fear of free fall is real my friends but I will like to at least convince myself that I can and want to.

Okay so the funny story about my credit card is days before my birthday, I told Baobei that I want to stop using my credit card as part of my resolution. So on my birthday morning I was at work when I decided to do this:

I was feeling accomplished and on top of the world that I have made up my mind that I wanted to stop spending like free money until… I realised that I had booked March and May trips using the card!!!! This means I need it when checking in with the airlines and hotels HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! So after realising, I called the bank up to get my card with the same number mailed to me. And I had a hard time trying to explain to my bank representative about my birthday resolution so I told him that my husband accidentally cut the wrong card. Hehe. So then, after talking to my cousins and again to Baobei, we decided to have one card to pay for things but mainly to collect points and get free stuff. I mean, we both always make a point to pay on time just that when we spend using our CC, our hearts bleed when we need to pay. Personally if my money is physically sitting in my bank and not an advancement of what I would earn, I will think 10 times before making a purchase.


So turning a year older is not a bad thing you know DESPITE the crap I took from humans who I had no idea still exist in this world. But the year had it’s highs because when you receive things like these, you know you are on the right track:

And this coming March, I have been picked to speak about how I juggle my role wearing one too many hats on a charity bazaar event. It gives me the chill how much things are looking up for me, and of course this means I am endlessly blessed by Him and I am forever thankful for the given opportunities. My aim is always to be the better version of myself because that’s how I want Kattaleya to see me as and be proud to call me her Mama. When people speak about you/spread unkind and untrue things about you and your conscience is crystal clear, you know He is looking out for you. My rezeki has definitely increased because of these people, and of course, hardwork does not kill anyone.

Thank you for letting turn 27. I am happy and content, and I only intend bigger, better things for my family and I. Please keep my number 3 resolution in your du’a but if our rezeki stops at Kattaleya, I will forever be thankful for that chance. Only when you ask for happiness, you realise so many things will come into place. Just…


Percaya pada satu hari nanti- To believe in that one fine day.

Hello are you there little one?

Hello uolls and 2017. It has been such a long hiatus from my blogging yet the numbers of visitors, although decreased but remained steady in numbers. The last time I went on such a long hiatus, people were already guessing that I was pregnant which of course was true. I was too weak to type about my surprise pregnancy with Kattaleya because I was too busy puking my guts out day in, day out. Now with the long hiatus and lack of selfies, people are assuming the same.

Well, let me break the silence with:

Hello there. Abi, Kattaleya and I have been waiting for you.




Okay let’s all take a deep breath first. Have you taken deep breaths? Like many deep breaths. Okay great! Before you get all excited like my siblings did, let me burst some bubbles. You are not looking at Kattelaya’s adik. You are looking at my unfertilised egg. Yup, I had my post natal check-up with my Asst Prof Han back at KKH on Wednesday. He did a thorough check + papsmear to check what’s up with my womb and to give a green light to try for another one. Although the check up was quite similar to when I was pregnant with Kattaleya. It gave me the creeps because I kept thinking about the time I was puking at the side. The trauma is real okay.

So moving pass the excitement of what we all thought was a fertilised egg, my womb seems like it is ready to hold another baby or two. Eh? Not twins uh? Well my maternal grandfather is part of a twin and that gene has yet to pass on to someone. I am hoping it will be me so that will be it. I can close my shop. Haha. Any Prof Han says that my womb is good to go; No abnormalities or growth. That photo I took was a picture of my egg about to be released (read; fertile) so he jokes about issuing me MC so we can get busy in the bedroom. Oh, how I wish.

I have been asked as early as Kattaleya was 5 months when is she going to be a big sister. But let me tell you this. If you have never experience the craziness of my first trimester (read: 4 months), you will never understand my phobia of having another one. I can go through the acid reflux or the insane complexion or the fact the stitches down there hurt a whole lot. I can deal with the PND because my support system is awesome. But another 4 months of that? I seriously need to sit down and think about it.

People tell me, “Every pregnancy is different.” Roger that. But what if it is exactly the same? I am pretty blessed because the tough first trimester was in exchange for a smooth sailing of exclusively breastfeeding Kattaleya who rarely falls sick. I would take that in a heartbeat but the sucky part about morning sickness is you cannot share with anyone the “burden”. So it is all you.

All in all, Baobei and I will probably try for our second one soon (it can today [eh? haha] or some time along this year) so please keep us in your du’a. Pray that our jodoh will last a lifetime so we can bring up our child(ren) to be the best people they are capable of. This also means goodbye caffeine while I prepare the body to grow another tiny human in me.

I will be sharing a couple of things which means there will be a lot of BACKLOG posts with regards to breastfeeding, education, Kattaleya’s milestones, birth control, travelling with baby and without baby, juggling as a FTWM (full time working mother), Klothes by Katt (the dramas I had with my manufacturerS [so if you think business is just selling, HAHA think again]) and Young Mamas Singapore (FB). Wearing many hats is kind of my cup of tea. I like my days being insanely busy but that’s just me. I will do an entry every Fridays and in between. So keep a lookout what it feels like to be in my shoes or just how different I think.

Here’s Katt being the busiest person during Klothes by Katt’s first ever studio shoot.

Kattaleya is super tall for her age but because she’s super active, her arm rolls are disappearing. Sad.

Lastly, if you are looking for a place to shop or drop your toddler off for a class, drop by for Young Mama Singapore’s playdate 1st Anniversary Edition this coming Sunday, 22nd Jan 2017. We have GiggleBubbs (3 to 3.45pm), The Womb Service (4 to 4.45pm) and CareRing Sling (5 to 5.45pm), while Jelly Bean Attic are running 30 minute sessions concurrently throughout the playdate. We have 15 vendors on board to join us as we are all about supporting mompreneurs! Our photos are taken by Phodeo Studio & Events. It just keeps getting better and better. Do follow us on @ymSingapore as we will be updating on our old, current and future playdates.

Losing my father in law early this year has taught me that some things are just not worth keeping it in. Here’s to forgiving and forgetting, in hope that it will be done the same for me. Al-fateha to Raja Salim bin Raja Salleh. We will always miss you, Ayah. In Shaa Allah, kita bertemu lagi.

Girlboss in the making.

Lately, I have been receiving a handful of questions with regards to Klothes by Katt. Before you think of me as arrogant or selfish, please allow me to enlighten you how much work I have put in or how insanely busy I have been. I have been doing my homework for Klothes by Katt for close to 2 years now (surprise!!!), even when I was pregnant and puking my guts out for almost 4 months. I have been studying Singapore’s market and often ask myself if I should do this. Or how different is Klothes by Katt with other local brands out there.

I found the few things that make Klothes by Katt different, and I know that I will make Klothes by Katt an amazing local brand here in Singapore. I have spend money on researching the kind of clothing I want for my line. I found a few manufacturers (because you definitely need back ups in case shit happens, which you will find out later why) and have met them (yes, I travel secretly without having to tell the world). I have spend LOTS of money getting samples done which is NOT cheap because it means I need to buy fabrics ala carte and not wholesale. I have spend LOTS of money getting them shipped to Singapore and shipping back to get the pieces right. Most importantly, I have spend A LOT of time that money can’t buy away from my husband and daughter.

And it is just very easy for some people to just email/PM and ask contacts for my manufacturers or where/how to get things done. Best part, when they involve religion and say things like “Muslim sisters”. Okay, chill. I get that what is yours will never be in a million years be mine. But there is also the part about working hard for what is yours. It will not and will never fall on your lap just like that. If success and money came that easy, trust me, I would be at home and watch my daughter grow up. My twin who has been in the industry for awhile said to me, “People will tell you that what they are doing is very different from what you are doing, therefore I should not be worried of competition. But we are humans. When we see the success of someone, it is only natural that we want the same. So what makes you think they won’t do the same as you in the future?”

It is funny, but let me share with you. I am not ashamed to say that I had bought pieces from the local brands here with the intent to see what is so popular about them and to justify the prices. And each time, my close friends/family come by my house, it will be my favourite story to tell. I will put two of these local brands skirts side by side with mine, and I ask them to compare.Mine may be the most of expensive among the three skirts, but my quality justifies for it. And it is very funny that I have an order from a person related to a local brand. Am I threatened? No. You can duplicate my designs at a cheaper price but know that you do not have my brains or manufacturers.

Some local brands here are resellers. I shall not name them but do you know the stuff you buy from them can be bought from City Plaza? Or the fact the self-manufactured comes from China? Cheap labour = poor working conditions and low salary for workers there, and sorry but I do not agree on such things. I do not haggle on the prices because I know my manufacturers have workers to pay who have family to feed. I certainly do not travel to Bangkok to buy the pieces there and sell it here more than 4 times the cost. You find Klothes by Katt expensive? Please note that you are buying a quality and exclusive piece.

People think setting up a clothing line is easy and cheap. If I share with you how much I have already invested in my clothing line, do you think you still want to do it?

Remember I said that it is always good to have more than one manufacturers? Well my first manufacturer messed up my flare skirts, and I was wondering how the hell do I rectify at least 45 skirts that I have to sell? Lucky me, my other manufacturer what’sapp me and asked me to send it over to her. And for my second kollection, she said “I told you I will not backstab you and sell your pieces to people. I have a few extras. Do you want them or can I give it away to my family?” This kind of manufacturers is love.

So to respect me is to not ask me anything related to Klothes by Katt. That is just plain rude because Topshop never asked Zara and Gongcha never asked Koi. If you think this is too much, then this business is not for you because it is pretty much 24/7.


Happy 6 months to us.

I have succeeded two things in this 6 month mark; Motherhood and Breastfeeding.

Motherhood has been crazy, especially going back to work and the upcoming of Klothes by Katt that is launching sometime this month. But I am very blessed that both my parents are staying with me and are currently Kattaleya’s main caregivers during the day. I am also very blessed to have such an understanding husband who agrees to let my parents move in because I honestly cannot imagine living without my parents in the same house so I pretty much want my parents to stay with me. It has been crazy juggling and tearing myself apart but I keep reminding myself why I am doing this. But motherhood is still better than pregnancy, which unlike most women, I hated mine. The backlash of that will be “You have no idea how many women are dying to be in your shoes to get pregnant and have their own kids.” I just don’t enjoy the whole process of growing a tiny human being. I am lucky to be given a chance to grow one, but I just don’t fancy it. That is my opinion. I don’t like the morning sickness all day, err day that gave me prenatal depression. I don’t like the acid reflux before each meal. I don’t like the feeling I get when I don’t eat on time. I don’t like feeling useless. I am blessed to experience it but that does not mean I have to like it. Will I go through it all over again? Yes. But that doesn’t mean I love it.

Breastfeeding is crazy. Women go into the labour ward, mentally prepared that they will get to breastfeed their babies. But so many things can happen and will happen, which only makes them unable to do so. They fall into depression. It is legit. Trust me when I say most of us would love to breastfeed but circumstances just don’t allow it. With increasing knowledge of how amazing liquid gold is, who doesn’t want to give that? Who really wants to spend a ridiculous amount of money on formula? No one. But I am blessed to be surrounded with an amazing support system that got me this far. I mean look at this baby here:


This is a product of my liquid gold. I have no idea where my tiny baby went to, but this is my liquid gold doing its job. So naturally people will ask me “What do you feed her?” and then asked the next question “WHAT DO YOU EAT?” Haha, I think it is only natural for people to be curious. And just for the record, I eat anything and everything. I have accomplished my goal of 6 months because she can officially eat soft food without having the judgement that I did before she turned 6 months (yup, cereal with my breastmilk), and some of the nutrients come from the food. But I am going to hold on until 1 year and wean her off. Why? Simple, I miss my time with my husband. Our dates are planned around my pumping schedule, and I would have robbed almost 2 years of my marriage life if I continue (including pregnancy) over a year. We got pregnant a month after marriage so we didn’t really get to enjoy, ifyouknowwhatimean hahaha. Plus, after turning one year old, Kattaleya can take milk off the shelves and no, not formula.

At 6 months, Kattaleya can turn from her back to her tummy and back to her back. She can turn 360 degrees, meaning she can be facing north then east then south then west then back to north. She can lift her body up. She is already starting to reverse (preparing to sit up by herself). Sitting down quite stable. She knows how to “jump” when you carry her (thank you jumperoo). She knows how to use her vocal cords and she definitely knows how to fake cry. It has been an amazing 6 months, watching her reach her milestones and I cannot wait for many more months and years to come.



This was taken during her 3rd month immunisation. Doctor says she didn’t even make it on the chart (she is OVER!). Hehehe. The last we weighed her when she 4.5 months when she went to the PD. She was 8.5kg (!!!). And during her 4th month injection, she didn’t even cry. Must be the thighs that are well cushioned! Hehe.

6 months 2 days ago I was in the labour ward. I told myself no epidural, I can do it. But now I tell my gfs to take the damn epidural and enjoy the whole labour. I don’t care if people say “The older generation can do it, so can you.” They didn’t have that option, mind you. And even if they had, it was damn bloody expensive. Being a mother is more than pushing one out of your vagina or cutting yourself open. It is how you instill good morals and values, and giving your children a quality life so that they will grow up to be amazing human beings that will change the world. It is your parenting that defines what kind of mother you, not your choice of birth. You like the pain/contractions, but I prefer not to hate my baby for it so really, there is nothing to be proud of. You did it without epidural? Congratulations but I really don’t care. What is important is what is next.

And I never thought I would hear it this soon, but people are asking “So when the second one?”

My answer blogged soon.

Young Mamas Singapore FIRST Playdate.

When I first started out Young Mamas Singapore (or formerly known as Young Mamas and Mamas-to-be, which was a handful to say), it was a platform to meet other Mamas of my age. Then when the group started growing, I got a group of admins and people started asking about playdates. So why not make one official one?

Truth to be told, I LOVE planning. I plan my schedule on a weekly basis, my wedding, my countless of holidays but not something as large scale as an event to a bunch of strangers whom I met online. But I was pretty determined to do one anyway. Hiccups only mean that I have plenty of things I can work on for the next one right?

I was pretty lucky to have a team of admins turned gfs who helped me in executing every little detail of the event. Right up to the morning of the event day, I was still busy errands. I could say, I was under prepared. So many last minute confirmations and so many changes to ensure the event will run with the littlest of hiccups.


When booking chalet at Aloha Loyang, the idea was a place for people and babies to roam, nursing room, diaper room and SWIM. But the shitty part that I had no idea was that we could only check in at 3pm. So event had to push back to 3.30pm which gave us 30 minutes to set up. Here’s another hiccup; Checking in had only two counters and it took about 7 minutes for one person to check in a guest. Crazy! So instead of 30 minutes to set up, we have 10 minutes and our guests were early!!!

So we didn’t have a proper booth for registration (and please don’t get me started on the door gifts that was packed last minute), henna artist and didn’t set-up our little activity corners. Sad.

During the event, we were still running errands. Buying the BBQ things and drinks (!!!), so it was seriously crazy how under prepared I was for the event. I really underestimated a lot of things. But I am glad that we had more than enough food and even extras!

The moment I stepped inside the chalet for the first time and everyone was asking me where to set up and what to do, I was literally screaming in my head “What are you doing Renny?” Haha, maybe never in my million years I would do something like this. Like creating a community and reaching out to them so we can be connected and not feel like we are alone in this. And I think people who worked with me knows that it wasn’t easy to work under me. I wanted everything my way which was something I need to stop.

But just a little preview of how the event went (since the pictures were up in our closed group):

















Babywearing talk by Izzah Lina who is a (crazy) enthusiast: 






(Adik who was busier than all the admins put together!)






Our henna artist for the event:



We had a fellow mompreneur, Rafidah, who was selling her stuffs. And because we are all for #WomenSupportWomen, we didn’t charge for booths.


My orang kuat who helped me since day 1 when I started Young Mamas Singapore up til the event day itself.

Rushda, Nad, Syaz and Nazz.


Rushda, Nad and Syaz have since left the admin team. I need to remind myself (and the Mamas) that these ladies sacrificed their personal time and not paid a single cent to help me manage the page and plan the event. But, yes there is always a but, I have 3 other amazing Mamas on board with me.

And I really have to thank these Mamas who came alllllll the way to Paris for our first ever official playdates. Although there were so many hiccups, I hope that it only means that I have lots of improvement for the next one in 4 months time.



Thank you, you young amazing Mamas!

This will constantly push me to host a greater and better playdates in the future!

And I definitely need to thank our sponsors for this playdate:

Professional photographer: Mish Photo Box
Cookiepods: GRATO
Nutella blossoms: Eyzah Meow
Vouchers: Babywearing Fun Fitness , Pinktini , 10 10 Mother & Child Singapore
Henna: @ kelieshhhhh (IG)
Pouch: @ roseeduan (IG)
Essential oils: KattFiSPotions

Young Mamas Singapore is always welcoming Mamas, Mamas-to-be and even women who are trying to be Mamas. Our committee is all about sharing, discussing and asking. So you will be surprised when a topic about how to conceive comes around, about coping with miscarriage or where is the best makan place in the North comes up. You can join us (if you are NOT sharing your profile with your other half/fiance/husband) here!

I did this with no budget and made NO money out of it. I even fork out my own money for this first playdate just because I really want to do something for young mothers out there. Did I regret? Maybe in the planning and executing part. Will I do it again? YES, A MILLION TIMES YES.

Our next event is in the midst of planning with over TEN sponsors (yes, more than 10 since our group grew over 1,100 Mamas) for door gifts, lucky draw and being part of the event. The event happenings include Zumba while babywearing, all you need to know about Breastfeeding and babywearing. We may include post natal yoga as well as cloth diapering. The second event will be closer to my heart because we will be raising funds for a cause too.

Eh, I super excited already. But all these will be revealed when May comes.

And I welcome my new orang kuat on board:


Izzah, Ashikin and Rosma.

Okay let’s do this.